The one who has no imagination has no WINGS!

by Muhammad Ali


I empower people to see their potential and mission,

 reaching higher goals and excelling themselves.



Lateral thinker, world wanderer, cosmopolitan, bridge builder, free spirit, culture clash –  all a part of me.

Descending from two cultures allowed me to wander between world topics about identity, meaningfulness and building bridges from an early stage and to see them from different perspectives. Being frequently pushed out of my comfort zone I recognized that connecting worlds is often so much more enriching than the ordinary route. Real change and progress also needs a creative mind, with fresh approaches with a good portion of conviction, inspiration and persistence to resist outer limitations and tight spots. Realizing that within us slumbers so much untapped potential that can enable us to make great jumps and progress in our life if we only apply it, as Coach and Trainer I support my clients exactly in this aspect - helping them to see their potential, find their mission and goals, creating a masterplan and going for it.

After several different studies and further educations - incl. multilingual communication, certified and sworn-in translator, certificate in Business Administration& Int. Management, certified Coach for personal development, EMDR Touchpoint Coach, Specialist in Coaching the Gifted as well as language coach - the topic of personal development catched my attention and has always accompanied me since then.

Formerly I worked as an employee in - for me - a bland, unattractive industry, which constantly pressed the question of meaningfulness and fulfillment, so much that I declined even attractive job offers. After a stressful year in an engulfing city I found myself on my vacation in deep thought on an isolated white sandy beach in the middle of a very small island in Indonesia. While a rooster was passing by cackling, I asked myself, not what I was doing on this surreal island, but rather if what I had been doing this year in this job was really what I wanted in life? The answer was clearly NO!  This journey later on brought me borderline experiences and made me more conscious than before about what in life really counts and that we all should attend our calling and follow our life purpose.  Simply follow our own way.

Centralized all my know-how and experiences of coaching, training and personal development of the recent years, today I do what I am really good at – empowering people to recognize their potentials and using them to excel themselves. Making a difference in the lives of others.




What also could be interesting

  • You won’t find me in boxes. I am the type of person who combines old with new, fusions ballet with rap and retro with rock, pinstripe outfit meets bright red shoes.
  • Brainstorming with motivated people for useful, sustainable projects is fun for me.
  • “Don’t buy objects, instead buy experiences“. Travelling gives me wings, I internally connect more than any other time. I bring a bit of Mary Poppins with me, supporting others during their change process - with the difference that I am still contactable afterwards.
  •  I am a passionate henna artist.
  • For me life is a journey on which everyone has a mission. Find out yours.

Finally, some points from my to-do wish-list

  • implementing great sustainable projects, starting an education initiative for disadvantaged persons
  • kitesurfing in Hawaii
  • swimming with a manta ray and a giant tortoise